20 More Films to Wrap Your Head Around the Housing Crisis

Two years ago I compiled a list of ten films that I used in the class I taught about the housing crisis. Since that time, the housing crisis has not disappeared and in fact has only been exacerbated by the continued financialization and land grabs by private equity firms and the massive loss of income brought by Covid-19. As the Biden administration settles in and the process of managing our expectations over what is needed and what is possible, it is more important than ever that we root ourselves in the truth of housing as a human right. Here are twenty more films to educate, agitate, and move us towards action.

1. PUSH, The Film

2. Decade of Fire

3. The Last Black Man in San Francisco

4. Priced Out: Fifteen Years of Gentrification in Portland, Oregon

5. Land Grabbing

6. Comuna Under Construction

7. Ȟesápa: A LANDBACK Film” [first installment]

8. Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle [UK]

9. Techos y Derechos [Spanish with English subtitles]

10. We Will Not Be Moved

11. 99 Homes

12. Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

13. Segregated by Design

14. What It’s Like to Be Evicted in the Middle of a Pandemic

15. Evicted

America’s eviction problem is now being described as an epidemic. Our half-hour documentary, “Evicted,” takes an in-depth look at the issue across the Kansas City metro through the lives of those most affected.

16. East Lake Meadow: A Public Housing Story

17. Human Shelter

18. Airbnb Dream Or Nightmare

19. Tenants Rise Up!: Fighting for Housing Justice in the Bay Area

20. Housing is a Human Right: Eviction Defense Workshop w/ Jamaal Bowman and Housing Justice For All

20 More Films to Wrap Your Head Around the Housing Crisis