In the beginning there was not much to share. As of December 23, 2015, I have not yet been published, but I plan to change that. In the mean time here are a few short pieces I wrote and a couple interviews I participated in.


Dear Instacart Shopper: You are Being Exploited (2/2015) When my unemployment ended in December of 2014 with no job prospects on the horizon, I took a job delivering groceries for Instacart to get by. I documented my month-long escapade of exploitation while exploring the dark underbelly of the “sharing economy”and wrote this at the end.

Should UberX drivers, Instacart shoppers be independent contractors? (7/2015) A producer from WHYY tracked me down via Tumblr and came down to Philly to film an interview about my experience working for Instacart. It was included in this great investigative piece they created for the PBS Weekend Newshour.

Solidarity is the Only Therapy (10/2014) Recovering Hipster is a blog I started during the Summer of 2011 as a way to vent my frustration about being virtually shut out of the job market, as well as to hold myself accountable for some of the things in my life that I could control. The content ended up all over the place, following me through broken relationships, Occupy Wall Street, union organizing, becoming Catholic, and still struggling economically at the end of it all. This was one of my last posts.

Dinner at Occupy Wall Street and the Farmers Who Grow It (11/2011) On October 1, 2011 I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge with thousands of other angry yet hopeful protesters for what became one of the many galvanizing moments of Occupy Wall Street – the 99% march. The next day I joined the kitchen working group, started washing dishes, and eventually began coordinating the complicated web of donors, volunteers, and logistics that was the offsite kitchen (and often, kitchens). I got to tell this story to WNYC.