Permanently Embarrassed Billionaires

Who or What is Permanently Embarrassed Billionaires???

I started Permanently Embarrassed Billionaires after I finished writing my novella-length memoir, Hard Bones, because I did not feel like I was finished saying all I wanted to say on the topic of late capitalism, mental illness, and trauma. One of the major threads throughout Hard Bones is meritocracy – that old American Dream ideology refurbished and sanctified in the fires of neoliberalism. In fact, the introductory chapter of Hard Bones is a meditation on the subject that invites the reader to explore the psychic toll of internalizing meritocratic ideology – a very real, very damaging idea that most of us are not fully conscious of as we grind away wracked with anxiety and guilt over not measuring up (you can read that essay on my blog).

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PEB is an ever-evolving project that I started back in December 2020. I wanted to create a platform for non-professional writers and creatives to express their raw, honest emotions about what it is like struggling with mental health in late capitalism. That means looking at mental health from the perspectives of both the individual and the collective, at the intersections of race, gender, disability, sexuality, and more – really reflecting on how these things play out in our own lives. In that way, it also functions as a consciousness-raising tool as well. Writing and creating art have been so crucial in my own healing journey and I wanted to give other people that opportunity as well. I function as the project’s editor and writing coach, as well as the social media person (one part of the project that I am not particularly good at and hope to find a volunteer for someday).

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