About Me

Elections have consequences.

Hello! My name is Heather. She/her pronouns. I earned an MA in Geography and Urban Studies from Temple University in May 2018, completing my thesis on the housing crisis. I finished grad school certain of three things: 1. there is not an absence of good ideas, but an absence of political will preventing progressive housing policy from being implemented, 2. people need places to live now, and 3. single-issue activism around housing issues is inadequate to address the scope of the crisis. I am currently on the job market, looking for jobs in the affordable housing policy and development sectors.

A fellow Muay Thai student and I show off our Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shirts after class.

In my free time I enjoy training Muay Thai, going on bike rides, cooking, reading and talking about housing issues, learning new things, and appreciating opossums. Right now I’m learning how to use this blog as a platform to reach more people with my big picture of housing justice perspective, as well as always learning how to throw a better punch (relax those shoulders!). Personality-wise I’m idealistic, motivated, and a natural organizer. I like being a cheerleader for my friends, always sharing the tools I’ve picked up along the way.

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