Help Me Raise $1 Million for Organizing!

I am excited to announce that my novella, Hard Bones, is now available as an e-book for pre-order on Amazon. Order now and it will be sent to you on December 24th – just in time to cure your Christmas boredom! $2 from every purchase goes to support the pro-democracy movement in Thailand!

My dreams for this book do not stop with people reading it. Of course I need the money too – I am unemployed. My first goal is to raise $25,000 through book sales. For every $10 e-book, $3 goes to Amazon, $2 goes to the Thai protestors, and $5 goes to me. This means I just need to sell 5000 copies, which will be doable with your support! With that $25,000 I will launch Permanently Embarrassed Billionaires, a strategic organizing firm that seeks to build the critical infrastructure necessary to link pro-democracy and ant-fascist social movements across the US and across the world. Permanently Embarrassed Billionaires will be managed as a worker cooperative, meaning that it will have a democratic structure and all profits will be shared. Once PEB is launched, we will be crowdsourcing $1 million dollars to build out an office and hire ten organizers to work for a year on campaigns and building out our innovative money-making model. Please see below for my tentative business plan (not including the profit part, which is still incubating in my imagination). In the mean time, follow Permanently Embarrassed Billionaires on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter – we will start posting content soon!

Hard Bones tells the story of my relationship to Muay Thai and eventual pilgrimage to Thailand in search of authentic training and to heal my body and brain. Through that narrative, I discuss Thailand’s Covid-19 response, the Thai pro-democracy movement, racism in US housing policy, and the converging movements for racial and economic justice in the US. There are also themes of loneliness, isolation, alienation, mental illness, masculinity, tourism, Buddhism, and radical self-love. I hope that this book can help people find some hope in these dark days.

Help Me Raise $1 Million for Organizing!

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