Read This Book!

First round of feedback is in! Making structural changes and building out some of the intimacy that I only hinted at in the first draft. Check back for updates!

Solidarity / ความสามัคคี
MobFest #ม็อบ14พฤศจิกา #นักเรียนเลว #คณะราษฎร2563 #defeattrump #antifa #blm
democracy #millionMAGAmarch #MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavor
Read This Book!

4 thoughts on “Read This Book!

  1. Melyssa D. Andrews says:

    Look forward to this read. Heather is a friend and a fighter in every sense of the word. She is a leader and never gives up even when she feels down herself, she finds the time to lift others up. She is honesty, truth, light and fight.
    Her struggles became her strengths.
    Proud to know her and will definitely read this cover to cover.


    1. Melyssa you are gonna make me cry 😭😭😭 Well I’m just gonna throw some love at you then! I met Melyssa when I was a union organizer. She worked at a nursing home I repped. She immediately took the shop steward training and helped keep her co-workers organized through some very long, very difficult contract negotiations. We have both moved on to other jobs, but the fight for justice and equity in our communities is still so important to us both.


  2. Mandi Bom says:

    I’m so stoked to dive into this. I already did some light skimming and “is this what Marx meant by alienation!?!?” I know this will speak to some of our shared ideas and I will learn a great deal as well 🙂 U rule and I admire that your dedication to such a rad project.


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